Saturday, June 10, 2006

Employee empowerment process

Empowering Employees

Making employees feel like they have the power to make decisions is important to employee moral. Giving them good tools to work with to make those decisions will save you phone calls in the middle of the night.

Every good employee wants to feel like he is responsible enough to make the right decisions to benefit the company. However, as a manager you must maintain focus on the primary goals of the company.

Good clear work instructions, practices and procedures go a long way toward giving employees the guide lines they need to feel empowered in the workplace.

Developing these policies and procedures is an integral part of any employee empowerment process. It is also very important as a manger that you maintain your authority while empowering your employees. Because, your empowerment efforts will be wasted if you loose your personal authority and the respect of your employees.

One of the best references on the psychology behind generating personal authority while empowering others comes from what may seem strange source - John Alanis' course on attracting women. However, the psychology behind attracting good loyal employees is exactly the same. If you can handle a charge on your credit card for a book on attracting women, then get this valuable guide now. click this link. Actually it gets billed for Art of Steel so it is discrete.

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