Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Employee loyalty program

Building Employee Loyalty

Every manager wants his employees to be loyal. But not every manager expects his employees to be loyal.

Loyalty is built on mutual trust. If you don't trust your employees and don't treat them with respect, you can't expect them to be loyal.

Any employee loyalty program must first be founded in the fact that you trust your employees and you want them to feel that you trust them. Trust and loyalty are important feelings to a prosperous and productive work force.

Also, before starting an employee loyalty program, you must make sure you and your employees understand what you mean by being a good loyal employee. Is it staying in the job? Not stealing ie: preventing employee theft? Presenting you company in the best possible light? Or is it doing as good a job as possible?

Employees must feel that managers are loyal to them before they will feel a reason to act loyally. In this case, you must give to get.

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