Monday, August 07, 2006

Employee training workshops

Planning an employee training workshop?

Before you plan an employee training workshop you need to consider what you goals are.

Are you simply trying to fulfill a training hours requirement of some government or industry regulation? If so, let the employees know and make it a fun time together. Play some games and provide some snacks. Don't try to fool the employees into thinking the event is more important that you think it is. They will see right through you.

But if you really wan them to learn something, make sure you have a carefully thought out plan.

Make sure you first explain why it is important to the employee to learn the material. Not just why you want them to learn it. They really don't care about that, they just want to know how learning the material will help them do their jobs.

Also, assume that your employees want to do a good job. The ones who don't care will not listen anyway so don't bother gearing a class toward them. Focus on those who want to learn and consider replacing the others with motivate employees. See some of my previous posts for how to get those.



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