Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Policies and Procedures

The importance of written procedures.

Establishing and maintaining clear written policies and procedures is one of the key factor is having a successful business. Even if you have just one employee, you need written procedures to prevent mistakes.

Most people it seems would rather eat dirt than sit down and write a policy and procedure manual, but when you understand the benefits of having one, you will realize it is worth the effort. Also, eating dirt may be good for you according to the sea salt advocates.

Some of the Benefits of written procedures:
  • having written procedures prevent mistakes
  • Having written procedures frees your creativity
  • Having written procedures saves time
  • Having written procedures ensures consistency and improves quality
  • Having written procedures will free you from worry about your employee's decisions

The more detailed the procedure the better. Instead of telling employees things not to do and inspiring a negative emotional environment, tell them exactly what you expect them to do and when. If they know exactly what to do and how to do it then the other stuff will often take care of itself.

Let's that a dress code for example. Instead of making a long list of things people can't wear, make a policy that describes acceptable dress. Be as detailed as possible about the kind of image you want your employee to portray and why it is important that they portray that image. Allow some freedom of expression and you employees with be happy to comply.

Having clear written procedure will also help you in the case there is ever any disagreement. You simple point to the written procedure and make sure that it is consistently applied. If you allow exceptions to the policies write them down as well.

But generally having clear, detailed written procedure and policies will avoid many workplace communication problems before they begin.



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