Monday, June 26, 2006

Employee motivation program continued

Spiritual employee motivation program

Often employees need more motivation than just a paycheck. In fact the paycheck is often the least motivation they see on a daily basis. This may be especially true for employees who are paid monthly.

An employee motivation program needs to be based on what makes employees feel good about what they do on a daily basis. They need to feel like they make a difference. They need to feel appreciated.

Wallace Waddles who wrote the Science of Getting Rich also wrote:
"The only service that we can render to god is to give expression to what he is trying to give the world through you."

By addressing the employees spiritual needs as well as financial you can develop an employee motivation program that enhances their lives as well as your business. Now that's a win win solution.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Employee management performance

The performance and effectiveness of employees is directly related to the performance of their management.

There are many examples in sports of great coaches taking the same players that had once been a loosing team to a championship. Great leadership makes for a great team.

I saw this first had in a one factory I worked. The factory was already very successful and no one thought it could improve much. However a new manager stepped in and treated the employees with great respect and gained their loyalty and trust. That plant saw a 20% increase in production using the same people and equipment with a few minor procedure changes that gave the employees a greater ownership of the process.

Later I will post some tips for improving your employee management performance.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Employee loyalty program

Building Employee Loyalty

Every manager wants his employees to be loyal. But not every manager expects his employees to be loyal.

Loyalty is built on mutual trust. If you don't trust your employees and don't treat them with respect, you can't expect them to be loyal.

Any employee loyalty program must first be founded in the fact that you trust your employees and you want them to feel that you trust them. Trust and loyalty are important feelings to a prosperous and productive work force.

Also, before starting an employee loyalty program, you must make sure you and your employees understand what you mean by being a good loyal employee. Is it staying in the job? Not stealing ie: preventing employee theft? Presenting you company in the best possible light? Or is it doing as good a job as possible?

Employees must feel that managers are loyal to them before they will feel a reason to act loyally. In this case, you must give to get.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Employee empowerment process

Empowering Employees

Making employees feel like they have the power to make decisions is important to employee moral. Giving them good tools to work with to make those decisions will save you phone calls in the middle of the night.

Every good employee wants to feel like he is responsible enough to make the right decisions to benefit the company. However, as a manager you must maintain focus on the primary goals of the company.

Good clear work instructions, practices and procedures go a long way toward giving employees the guide lines they need to feel empowered in the workplace.

Developing these policies and procedures is an integral part of any employee empowerment process. It is also very important as a manger that you maintain your authority while empowering your employees. Because, your empowerment efforts will be wasted if you loose your personal authority and the respect of your employees.

One of the best references on the psychology behind generating personal authority while empowering others comes from what may seem strange source - John Alanis' course on attracting women. However, the psychology behind attracting good loyal employees is exactly the same. If you can handle a charge on your credit card for a book on attracting women, then get this valuable guide now. click this link. Actually it gets billed for Art of Steel so it is discrete.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Employee Evaluation

Employee Evaluation forms?

While most companies have some sort of formal employee evaluation program that requires a form to be filled out, the most important evaluation that an employee receives is how he is addressed on a regular basis.

How you interact with your employees on a daily basis is much more important to your employee's motivation than what you write on your employee evaluation form. As a manager, you may know that it is not how you get treated but what gets written on the evaluation form that gets you the raise, but employees don't generally think like that. If they did, they would be managers.

Employees are more interested in feeling good about their selves and their work on a daily basis. They need to feel like what they do matters to someone. Despite what they may say, most employees want to feel like they are doing a good service for their employer. They want to feel proud of their work.

So as you observe your employees doing their work, take a moment to recognize them for good performance in what ever area you can find good work. If they are making a mistake, by all means correct it, but make sure you also recognize their good behavior as well.

Words of affirmation is a term often used in marriage relationships, but the concept works well in an employee - employer relationship as well. As much as possible, give genuine credit where credit is due for good work.

Don't be insincere however. Employees know instantly when they are being smoozed. Just give them praise for a job well done and you will see more jobs being well done.